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What is Sajari?

Users have grown accustomed to search that always returns the most useful search results. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have the resources to build their own highly-customized search platforms. They often leverage existing open-source software.

With Sajari, we make cloud-based, AI-powered search available to organizations of all sizes. Whether you need Search for your small business website, the documentation of your app or your e-commerce store with millions of products.

We provide an intelligent, fast, and configurable way to control how your users search your data.

How does Sajari help my organization?

Search is an often under-utilized way to meet your organization's goals. Opening up the black box to adjust how your users search is an effective way to meet important business objectives. We help organisations succeed in different ways:

  • Understand what search results are most useful to your users with in-built AI optimization.
  • Leverage your business data to improve search results.
  • Boost more profitable products to increase revenue, higher custom-reviewed items to increase customer satisfaction, faster-selling products to increase space in your warehouse, and more.
  • A/B test different search algorithms over a single search index to see which has a bigger impact on your business metrics.
  • Shape your marketing and sales strategies with insights from Sajari's search analytics.
  • Use synonyms to connect what customers are searching for to your business language.
  • Feature timely or important information with boost rules and promotions.
  • Improve user-experience with built-in spellcheck and autocomplete suggestions.

Our search is easy to implement for Developers, provides rich insights into user behaviour for Marketers, and makes it easy for Product Managers to align the Search algorithm with their business goals.

We help organizations across multiple use cases, searching through hundreds to millions of pages, products, and documents. Bringing smarter search experiences to organizations of all sizes.