Integrating Search


By default, search results are ranked by relevance as determined by the pipeline. Sorting allows you to override the default ranking logic and order results based on a field and it's corresponding value in either ascending or descending order.

Pre-requisites and limitations:

  1. The field must be an Integer, Float, Timestamp, or a String.
  2. There must be at least one record in the collection that has that field and its corresponding value.
  3. The field must not be a 'List'.


Use the "sort" parameter in your query and specify the field you want to sort by. For example, the following query will sort results based on modified_time in ascending order:

  "q": "blog",
  "filter": "_id != ''",
  "fields": "title,description,url",
  "sort": "modified_time"

To sort in descending order, simply add a (-) before the field name "sort": "-modified_time".

Adding sorting to the default search interface

If you have set up your website search using the generated code from Sajari's default search interface, then follow these instructions to add a sort selector to your interface:

  1. Replace the results page search box div element (<div id="results-search-box"></div>) in the generated code with the following code:
    <div id="results-search-box"></div>
    <select id="pipeline-select">
    <option value='{"sort":""}'>Relevance</option>
    <option value='{"sort":"-modified_time"}'>Date</option>
  1. Add this script to the bottom of the <body> section:
    var select = document.getElementById('pipeline-select');
    select.onchange = function (e) {
      var value =;
      searchInterface('pub', 'pipeline.values-set', JSON.parse(value));
      searchInterface('pub', '');

If you are using React SDK, refer to the React SDK documentation.

Note: The sort is a strict logic and the results returned by the index will be sorted according to the value of the field used for sort. You can choose to use values of a field as a factor in the ranking logic rather than a strict sort.