Promoting Results

Manual Curation

Manually curate Category pages or search results by pinning items to specific positions.

Manual curation allows for promoting individual results at the top or curating entire category pages. Merchandising new collections and ensuring that the correct items appear together has never been easier.

You can even pin items from unrelated categories, allowing you to promote those new AirPods on the "Phones" category page right next to the latest iPhone.

Pinning individual items

Pinning results is as easy as it sounds:

  • To pin an individual item, drag-and-drop it to the desired position.
  • To ensure it remains in its current place, click on the item.
  • To unpin an item, click the remove pin icon at the top of the item.

Pinning multiple items

To curate a more extensive set of items, select and move multiple items at once. There are a number of intuitive ways to select multiple items

  • Drag a selection rectangle across the items to select.
  • Click and item and shift + click another item to select those items and everything in between.
  • Hold the windows (command) key while clicking on items to select them all.

To move items multiple items, either

  • Drag and drop them to the desired position
  • Enter the position in the pop-up panel at the top of the page and click move.

Adding items

To add items that are not a natural result for the given Search or Category Page, click the Find items link in the top right of the page.

Use the search bar to find results and drag-and-drop them into the desired position.